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New Jersey’s Great Gift to Good Eating
The father of the Hot Texas Wiener, and undoubtedly the man who gave it its name is John Patrellis. John left his native Greece around the turn of the twentieth century, bound for Paterson, New Jersey. His uncle had promised John employment in the successful hotdog concession he had created in the old Manhattan Hotel on Paterson Street.

Big Bang Theory
At the opposite end of Paterson Street, Tarapada’s chili house bragged that it had the hottest chili in town. Between the hotel and Tarapada’s, lined up one after another, were nine saloons. All the necessary ingredients were in place for the Hot Texas Wiener to come into existence: Tarapada’s chili; nine saloons; and of course, wieners. It is speculated that in all this high-spirited chaos, somebody’s chili spilled on somebody else’s hot dog. Thus, the Hot Texas Weiner was born.

The Original Hot Texas Wiener
Admittedly, some of the foregoing may contain elements of speculation. But we know from John Sagarius, who went to work for Patrellis in 1956 and later acquired the business, that Patrellis bought his uncle’s hot dog stand in 1920, and changed its name to The Original Hot Texas Wiener.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery
In the 40’s and 50’s, the most ambitious of John’s employees left and opened Hot Texas Wiener joints of their own. In 1949, three brothers George, Bill and Chris Betts opened the first Falls View in what is now the Great Falls Historic District. After a long and successful run, the Betts brothers closed the original Falls View in the early 80’s.

The Torch is passed
Bill and Bob McEntee were born with a love for Hot Texas Wieners. As children, they dreamed of someday owning a restaurant like the original Falls View. In 1994, a run-down old restaurant came up for sale on Newark-Pompton Turnpike in Pequannock. They renovated it top to bottom.

With their dream becoming a reality, Bill and Bob were introduced to the legendary Chris Betts. After convincing him to sell them the secret recipe, they talked him into coming out of retirement long enough to coach them in the finer points of dressing a dog “all the way”. Then, on October 26, 1994, the new Falls View sold its first Hot Texas Wiener.

The McEntees have pledged not to cheapen or otherwise improve upon the Original. Out of respect for their family of customers, however, they have added an ingredient of their own: wholesomeness. Wholesomeness begins in the kitchen. The most modern equipment is employed by dedicated cooks skilled in the most up to date techniques of sanitary food handling. The finest and freshest ingredients are cooked to order, never prepared ahead and left under heat lamps, or microwaved.

Close your eyes. Even before you take your first bite, that unforgettable aroma leaves no doubt that this is the Original Falls View Hot Texas Wiener.

Then, when you open them, take notice of all the happy families in the clean, comfortable, smoke-free dining room. You will find that in addition of being caretakers of a 75 year old tradition, Bill and Bob have written their own chapter in the living history of the Hot Texas Wiener.